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(Towards) an Operational Prediction system for
the North Atlantic European coastal Zones

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Analyzed and latest forecast sea-ice thickness (in meters) for this year, updated weekly,
Note! The animation is using images produced alongside the real-time runs and may switch suddenly from 1-member forecast (rough) to 100-members averages (smooth).


See more information on the pages of the Mohn-Sverdrup Center / Nansen Center

TOPAZ develops advanced data assimilation systems (The Ensemble Kalman filter) for a coupled primitive equation ocean circulation and marine ecosystem model for the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean with enhanced resolution in the coastal zones, assimilating satellite and in-situ data available for real time operational use.

The observations used are satellite observed Sea Level Anomaly (SLA), Sea Surface Temperature (SST), Sea-ice concentrations from AMSR-E, sea-ice drift products from CERSAT and Coriolis in-situ Temperature and Salinity profiles.

The major outcomes in terms of products are short term forecasts issued weekly, open for public access and end users.

TOPAZ data in the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans are freely available from the OpenDAP file server: an example of request in Matlab can be found here.

The TOPAZ fact sheet (JOO, 2008)

TOPAZ responsible:
Laurent Bertino
The TOPAZ project was initially funded by the 5th framework EC Commission Research program, then followed by the FP6 MERSEA and BOSS4GMES projects and now the FP7 MyOcean project