Topaz Hindcasting, Nowcasting & Forecasting Datasets Visualization At Nansen Center

  • THREDDS ----------------->(TDS Web Interface User Guide)
    THREDDS is an OPeNDAP server application, where the following features are available:
    • Dowloading the data in binary format.
    • ASCII & binary presentation of the data.
    • das, dds, dods, ddx, blob, info, ver, html and help OPeNDAP functions (java services).
  • Dapper
    OPeNDAP server application, where these OPeNDAP functions are available:
    • dds (Data Descriptor Structure).
    • das (Data Attribute Structure).
    • info (information about the dataset).
  • DChart (Dynamic Visualization) ----------------->(DChart Web Interface User Guide)
    OPeNDAP client application, where the following features are available:
    • Dynamic color visualization mapping for North Atlantic grid (class1) data, Arctic grid (class1) data,Argo Profile (observation, class4), Arctic-Moorings (class2), Arctic icetransport and transport (class 3) and control run grid (class1, NAT & Arctic) data
    • Dowloading the plotted view to Google Earth.
    • Dowloading Insitu data in Java Ocean Atlas (.jos), Comma Separated (.csv) and Tab Separated (.tsv) formats.
    • Dowloading grid data in NetCDF format.
  • Matlab Static Images (Static Visualization)
    Using Matlab with SNCTOOLS package as OPeNDAP client API for accessing THREDDS Data Server (TDS,OPeNDAP server), and plotting matlab static images with different plotting axes for different Topaz NetCDF categories, as shown:
    • Topaz Grid Data:
      • North Atlantic Grid (longitude, latitude)
      • Arctic Grid (longitude, latitude)
    • Topaz Station-Based Data:
      • Sections (station numbers, depth)
      • Time-series:
        • Moorings or Profiles (time, depth)
          Note: In fact Moorings are not a time-series datasets, however the users preferred those plotting axes.
        • Transport across sections (time, transport values)
        • Ice-Transport across sections (time, icetransport values)
  • Google Maps
    Comparison images between Topaz model profiles and observation data (Argo profiles) for both variables temperature and salinity.The profiles are mapped on google maps.

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